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The Pilates Loft is a training center for the United States Pilates Association ® LLC and The New York Pilates Studio ®. This program is the first and oldest in the world, and the only program based on the exclusive ownership of the Joseph Pilates Archives and the original copyrighted Teacher Training Manual. This means that as an apprentice in this program, you will be learning Pilates exactly how Joseph Pilates wanted it to be taught and practiced.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”
~ Joseph H. Pilates

The apprentice program is divided into two phases. The first is a series of 3 workshops designed to teach the philosophical and technical aspects of The Authentic Pilates™ professional training program. Students are taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level movements for each apparatus. The movements are demanding, and you must be in good physical condition to participate. The second part is the apprenticeship at one of the 8 training centers, including The Pilates Loft. 600 total hours of observation, practice, teacher assistance, and solo teaching are completed in conjunction with the workshops.

There are many benefits to becoming a certified instructor. Whether it is a full time career or a part time job while you pursue other aspirations, teaching Pilates is rewarding. Certified instructors can open their own studio, or teach at an existing studio or fitness facility.

For more information on becoming a certified Pilates instructor, including prerequisite requirements, and to view upcoming workshops and seminars at The Pilates Loft, visit www.unitedstatespilatesassociation.com.