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Class Schedule


Level 2 12:00pm
Level 2 5:15pm
Level 1 6:15pm


Level 1 8:00am
Level 2 9:00am
Open Level 2 Trio 6:00pm
Level 1 7:00pm


Level 2 7:00am
Level 2 5:15pm
Level 1 6:15pm


Level 2 9:00am
Level 1 12:00pm
Level 3 4:30pm
Level 1 5:30pm
Open Level 2 Trio 6:30pm


Level 1.5 8:00am
Level 1 12:00pm


Level 3 9:00am
Level 2 10:00am
Level 1 11:00am


Level 2 9:00am
Level 1 10:00am

Payment Methods

We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard or Visa. Please make checks payable to: The Pilates Loft.


Private Session $75 | $80*
Duet Session (per person) $50 | $55*
Trio Session (per person) $40 | $45*
Package of 8 Privates $560 | $600*
Package of 12 Privates $780 | $840*
Package of 8 Duets (per person) $360 | $400*
Single Group Class $25
Package of 10 Group Classes $200 | $20 per class
Package of 15 Group Classes $255 | $17 per class
*reflects pricing of session with studio owner

All private and duet packages must be used within 4 weeks of purchase date. All group class packages must be used within 3 months of purchase date. 24 hour notice for cancellation of any individual or group session is required.

Class Information

Studio hours are Monday through Saturday by appointment only or per class schedule.

All classes/sessions are 50-60 minutes, taught by certified Pilates instructors using the traditional method and authentic equipment designed by Joseph Pilates.

Private Lesson

A one-on-one session with one certified instructor and one client, focusing on the Pilates apparatus as well as incorporating Authentic Pilates™ mat work into the sessions. This session is highly recommended for first time clients. This is a great way to become familiar with the terminology and movement of Authentic Pilates™.

Duet Lesson

Two clients and one instructor focusing on the Pilates apparatus as well as incorporating Authentic Pilates™ mat work into the sessions. We will take you further into the basics of the technique and the principles of Pilates, as well as teach you specific exercises to address your individual needs. Duets are ideal for partners with similar fitness and experience backgrounds who enjoy a small group setting. We recommend that you find a partner, however, when possible, we will try to match clients.

Trio Lesson

Groups of 3 participants and one instructor with similar fitness backgrounds who enjoy a small group setting. A great way for friends to be active together.

Group Classes

Group classes are limited to 8 participants. These classes incorporate the true essence of all Pilates work. Our mat/tower classes offer an aerobic series of floor work exercises designed to create body alignment, long, lean muscles, and core strength, while improving overall flexibility. Clients are placed in different level classes according to their abilities and physical limitations.

Class Description

Level 1:

Group class on mat and tower that focuses on the principles of Pilates. This class is designed to be the foundation for all Pilates work. Extensive work on learning Pilates breathing and to properly engage core muscles while applying these principles to the basic Pilates system. Emphasis on form, precision and control.

Level 2:

Group class on mat and tower for clients who understand and can execute properly the basic principles of Pilates. New exercises are introduced and focus is on improving strength and flexibility. More emphasis is placed on control and smooth transitions between exercises.

Level 3:

Group class on mat and tower for the most experienced participant. The most advanced Pilates exercises are introduced with less instruction on form and more emphasis on flow for a challenging mind/body workout.

Individual and Group Session Sign Up

Registration for classes is on a first come, first served basis and can be done through our website or by calling the studio. Walk-ins are always welcome and we ask that you please register immediately upon arrival to guarantee your spot in class.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least 24 hours notice for cancellation of all private sessions and group class reservations. Late cancels and/or no shows will result in full charge for the session or class.

For our cancellation policy regarding duets and trios, please contact the studio.