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How to Register for Virtual Sessions

We look forward to keeping The Pilates Loft community healthy and happy during these uncertain times. We are honored that we can still be part of your lives. Each class has 10 spots available. View the schedule and secure your spot HERE.

If you have not trained with us previously, please fill out an intake form using the link below:


To view the new virtual class schedule, click the image above. hit the sign up now button for whichever class you'd like to register for.

You can continue scheduling virtual private and duet sessions the same way as before, just make sure to choose "virtual private or "virtual duet" under the appointments tab.


If using the MindBody app on your mobile device, you will sign up for classes the same way as for regular in person classes. You can download the MindBody app for apple devices here, or for android here.

You can continue scheduling virtual private and duet sessions the same way as before, just make sure to choose "virtual private or "virtual duet" under the appointments tab.

If your instructor was previously booking your sessions for you, please contact them directly so that they may continue assisting you in your future bookings.

To get ZOOM

First time ZOOM setup is super easy!

You can download the free ZOOM application ahead of time on your preferred device (desktop or mobile).

Mobile ZOOM download for Iphone
Mobile ZOOM download for Android
Desktop ZOOM Download

You do not have to create an account to participate in a session.

You can check your audio and video settings under ZOOM app preferences to make sure you're ready to go for class.

Once you have ZOOM

Each time prior to the start of the session you will receive an email or text message with a link to join.

Clicking on the link will launch the Zoom app and place you in the virtual classroom with your instructor.

**If you do not yet have ZOOM on your device, you will be prompted to download the app, and the the above steps will follow.**

Click here for video instructions on how to download Zoom.

How to Join a Virtual Session Using

Setup Recommendations for your Virtual Pilates Session

For a quick video on how to make the best of your online session, please watch this clip by our partner in, Arlington, Virginia, Alia Staples.
  • Set your device up far enough away that the instructor can see your whole body. If using your phone, set it up vertically, not horizontally.
  • Make sure you are near your wi-fi router during the session to ensure good connection.
  • Switch any screen saver or energy saver settings to 1 hour or never, otherwise you will have to keep waking the computer up throughout the class. Also turn off any notifications so you will not be disturbed by pop ups.
  • You will need a yoga/fitness mat for class. If you don't have one, you can lie on any padded surface like carpet, folded beach towel, etc.
  • Try to find a quiet area where you can focus on just yourself for class.
  • While we are not requiring you have any equipment for these virtual classes, you may enjoy having the below props over the next month. We will use them if several people have them in class. We will certainly use them if you are doing private sessions with us. Here are links to some options we recommend on Amazon:

Virtual Session Pricing

Since virtual classes are charged at a lower rate than the in person training rate, we will not charge your existing group packages. Instead we encourage you to purchase a new virtual package, or use an existing balance that you have in your account at the Loft. You will still be able to add money to your account as well.

The virtual group packages will have NO expiration date.
Your existing regular packages will be extended.

You will be able to purchase any of the below on the website after you make your appointment reservation, or by clicking this link to be directed immediately to the store. There, in the drop down menu, select which service you'd like to purchase. This can also be done on the MindBody app.

Introductory Offer - All first time users of our online platform can purchase their first class for only $10! New things can be surprisingly fun!! You will see a pop up option on the app once you select the class.

Session Type Cost
Group class: Package of 10 virtual mat classes $150 for 10 classes, at $15 per class
"Walk in" rate for virtual mat classes $18 per class
Virtual private session package: package of 5 sessions $325 for 5 classes
Individual virtual private session $70 per hour session
Duet virtual package: package of 5 sessions $175 for 5 sessions
Duet virtual session $40 per person per hour session

Virtual Cancellation Policy

Our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to virtual classes, just as it did to in person classes. Your instructor's time is valuable. Also, we have set a cap on the number of students in class so we can observe each of you virtually. Someone else may need your spot!